First global jet board specialist company. The pioneer and only distributors of all brands of Jet Boards providing unbiased advice and a professional personalised service. 

Jet Board Limited have the first and oldest established Jet Board company in the world. We have been involved in the motorised surfboard industry from the beginning and we continue to play an instrumental roll in the growing of this new and exciting water sport. Our head office is based in Sotogrande, Andalusia, Spain. We are the only jetboard company in the world that stocks all the different jetboard brands that are worth having, and actually has them all available for testing and try before you buy. We give honest and unbiased advice on all the different makes, models and brands. If you visit the Jet Board limited head office you will see a perfect example of a fully stocked jetboard shop with all of the latest and best jetboards on display, a fully equipped, official and authorised  service centre capable of servicing and repairing most of the jetboard makes, models and brands. A rental operation with all the latest and available boards on the market. We are not an online/internet based company but a hands on, stock and ride all the boards daily, real deal team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be matched nor beat. Our Jet Board Limited team is able to give you so much information on the pros and cons of each different jetboard and this is based on years of riding, renting and repairing them.

What makes us special? 

What else? 

We work with designers and manufacturers: from the very first steps of building a board


We test and review every board: Jet Board Limited tests and reviews all the latest jetboards through our All Star Jet Board Testing Tour videos with Mike.


We get the information to you: by sharing and working with Andreas from Esurfer online magazine to help present and future riders gather honest information and build an online jetboard community.


We allow you to try first and then buy: a huge stock and variety of boards allows us to give you the chance to try most boards before making the final investment. 


We help new players in the industry: so many years of experiences provides for top notch consultancy services on all aspects of this business. 


We bring you jetboards to your company: Jet Board Limited corporate sales and partnerships are available on a worldwide level. 


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