The Ewave Jetboard is the newest electric jetboard on the market. This board is surely going to be a game changer. It is the first small, light, fast, affordable electric jetboard on the market. The Ewave has been designed and tested by professional jetboard riders/racers and has been in the making for the last 4 years so rest assured nothing on this board has been rushed and no corners have been cut. Quite the opposite, these guys have thought of and refined every little detail on this board. 


Latest News

Ewave now has an optional add on. A FOIL, turn your Ewave electric jetboard into an electric foil/efoil in minutes. With the Ewave you get two for the price of one. The Ewave is the first manufactorer in the world to have a jetboard and electric foil in one. This is huge for the industry.  


Technical Specifications 

Carbon Fiber

Power - 10 KW

TopSpeed - 56km/h

RPM - 6000 RPM

Battery Life - 30-40min of mixed speed riding

Weight (including battery) - 30Kg

Voltage - 48VCapacity - 56AH

2hr Fast Charge

Cooling System - External Water-cooled

Max Load - 100Kg

Dimensions - 1760mm*610mm*180mmMaterial

Optional extra - Foil, turn your jetboard into an electric foil in minutes

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EWAVE V2 6000

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