For experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Light weight and responsive. Due to it's significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners.
5’ x 24.5”. 70 litres.


Standard Inclusions

Flite Controller

2 Year Warranty

eFoil Travel Bag

Fliteboard Bag

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Fliteboard Pro

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  • The Flite Board Pro is Jetboard Englands most advanced FliteBoard that we have available and is really only recommended for experienced riders. Ideally the rider should already have a significant amount of foiling experience to be riding the FliteBoard Pro. The FliteBoard Pro is a small, sleek and stylish body that has significantly reduced volume making it harder to handle and less forgiving. Once mastered, the FliteBoard Pro is an amazing ride however it's by no means a starter board and not a board you want to be learning on. Only Jetboard Englands advanced instructors ride the FliteBoard Pro and if you want to learn to master the FliteBoard Pro with Jetboard England, then you will have to have a few sessions of training on the Standard FliteBoard first. The FliteBoard Pro is 5' x 24.5". 70 litres and a beautiful, advanced electric foil. If you have any doubts on which electric foil FliteBoard you want to buy, then contact Jetboard England and come try before you buy at our head office and Official/authorised Flite School in Sotogrande, San Roque, Andalucia, Spain.