The Carver X has a dual-jet propulsion system which offers 10Kw of power. These provide greater thrust and less effort to reach planing, in addition to increasing the maximum speed (to be announced soon with riders of different weights).

The weight of the rider has always been a limitation when it comes reach planning on a jetboard. Now this is no longer a problem with the new Carver X, designed for riders over 85kg.

To achieve such power, two interchangeable batteries power the jets of the Carver X. These batteries are exactly the same as the ones used for the current Carver and Manta, models so that one battery can be used for any Onean product.

Regarding the riding time, the Carver X’s battery life is about 40 minutes when riding at mixed speeds.


Technical specifications

Length - 240 cm/7’8″
Width - 70 cm/35,4′
Volume - 150 L
Weight without batteries - 23 kg / 50 lbs
Power - 10.000 W (10kw)
Carging time - 2,5h


Included in the package

1 Carver X Jetboard

1 Wireless controller

2 Batteries

2 Chargers

1 Controller charger

1 Fin set

2 Footstraps

1 Leash

1 Board bag

1 Stator & nozzle

1 Impeller

1 Tooling kit

1 Handle

1 Trigger

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This board is available without batteries etc for those of you that have Carvers, Mantas etc. 


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Onean Carver X

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