The Striker Jet Electric is just awesome, versatile, agile and super comfortable. Fishing of this 97cm wide platform has never been easier, and it handles the rough chop with perfection. The extra length and width create superb stability when moving around the deck for casting the rods or winding in those large predators. Truly an impressive motorized paddle board.

The 2-rod holders are secured to the board which can be adjusted for the angle and direction when setting the rods. The cooler box is equipped with the all the necessary compartments for storing your tackle and accessories out on the water.

The backrest seat is a great addition to sit and relax and enjoy a few refreshments while waiting patiently for the next hit on the line.Not a fish enthusiast, then do not worry, the Electric Paddle Board can quickly dismantle the rod holders and the ice cooler seat if needed. This big boy is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 large adults.

At 6km/h which our is jet drives slow speed gear position the board will take you for a journey for up to 5 hours. There are no adding propellers or connecting another motor, all it takes is some air it in lunges, connect and fit the battery to the compartment in the middle of the board, then you are set!

When you finished a days fishing, you simply pull out the plug to deflate the board, disconnect the battery cable, then roll up the board and place it in the backpack provided. You could fit 3 of these great Electric Fishing Paddle Boards in the back of your car. Do not forget to clean the fish…..


Drop stitching technology

The boards are made from high quality marine PVC. The drop-stitching inside the board is our inhouse improved strength technology. We alter the process of the PVC lamination to add a slightly thicker more durable layer to the boards, which also allows us to digitally create awesome designs on the board’s decks and increase buoyancy. The board can pump up to 13psi comfortably.


2 Remote controls for ease of use

The board is driven using the APP on your phone or by the Smart watch that connects to the paddle. We have developed a 3-speed range for the riders to use at their own need. 6km/h, 8.5km/h and 11km/h are great cruising speeds. The board can be used in excess of 2 hours when varying the speeds as your travel around.


Jet drive technology

The jet drive system constructed into the back of the board releases a great amount of power for the small size motor that we use. We can reach up to 11km/h at top speed which is ample speed to reach many remote locations.


Power system

The battery pack is replaceable and rechargeable which can give you a full day on the water if desired. The small brush less motor can keep pushing the board up to 5 hours on one charge at low speed of 6km/h. At full speed you can expect well over 1 hour.


Family fun

Without a doubt the most versatile jet board on the market today. All ages can ride the boards with ease. The inflatable board with the soft EVA deck pad make it simple and super fun. Now you can keep the whole family together and motor to beautiful locations without anyone lacking behind.



The complete system packs into a backpack that can easy be placed into the back of the car. A long stroll down the headland or beach path is also possible.


Electric pump

Connect the electric air pump to the battery and you are ready to go in minutes, it could not be easier.



This board is great fun for the whole family. The inflatable hull is great for the kids and the APP and the Smart Watch are very simple to use. You can travel around the waters at different speeds and even use it a normal paddle board which the jet drive system does not hinder your paddle strokes.

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Torque Striker Jet (Fishing SUP)


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